Monday 21 September 2020

If you are enquiring about wedding photography you may wish to check our availability traffic lights before you contact us.

Please type your details in below. They are sent to us an an email and you will also get a copy. When we receive the email John will try to call you right away or, if you are not available, later in the evening.

John will ask about your wedding day and the locations you are using and will then probably ask if you would like to drop over for a coffee to discuss it further. You will meet John at his home where he will usually see people in the evening at around 8pm or whenever you can make it. You can park right outside the house.

This is a relaxed chat about your wedding and you will not be subjected to any hard sales and you will not be pressured to 'sign up tonight or the price goes up'. We have a huge number of albums we have designed over the years that you can have a good look through. If you like what we do, then you may well book us for your day, but you are very welcome to go home and sleep on it.

We really look forward to meeting you. Why not ask us about a pre wedding shoot!

Click here to fill in a contact form that we will get via email.