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Choosing Album Photos
Wednesday 29 March 2017

Great, we have put your photos onto a disc or memory stick for you and it is time to choose the wedding photographs for your album.

Here are the steps to take to choose the photos.

  • Do not use the web site to choose the photos, please use your disc or memory stick.
  • Put your disc into your PC (please call if you don't have a PC / Mac)
  • Refer to your wedding package to see how many photos are already included in your album package. It is usually either 70 in the A4 or 100 in the 30"x30".
  • Create a folder on your desctop called 'Album Photos'

    Album Photos
  • 'Drag' the photos you would like to have in your album from the disc into that new folder and they will copy over.
  • Do you want more than the number you have in your package? No problem. Extra photos are £1.50 in A4 albums and £2 in 30"x30" albums
  • Once you have chosen all the photos you like view them as thumbnails and double check your selection.

    Album Choices


  • If you would like a 'Montage page' with a big splash of photos like this one below it counts as 8 photos. Simply add 8 to your total number. To order a montage- Create a folder inside the 'Album Photos' folder and call it 'Montage'. drag lots of photos into it, (from 60 to 90 looks good) preferably close up photos and small details shots.


    This montage was done using black and white photos from the black and white folder on your disc.
  • 'Cover Photos' can be chosen by you. Create a folder inside 'Album Photos' called 'Front Cover'. Place a photo in there and it will be the feature photo on your front cover. If you choose a photo where you are both on the right hand side of the photo (as the photo below shows) then we may make a wrap around cover that goes round the front and back usisn the same picture. Why not take a look at some we have designed before to see what is possible.

    Wrap Round Cover
  • 'Supersize photos' can be chosen that will be VERY BIG in your album. Usually accross both pages and they take up a lot of space. You can choose a maximum of 4 and one is usually the huge group photo. Pleace them in a folder called 'Super' inside your 'Album Photos' folder.
  • 'Large photos' take up most of a single page and are identified by us becasue they are in a folder called 'Large'. These photos highlight any photos that really must be big because you love them.
  • (Remember both Large and Supersize photos take up a lot of space in your album and our designer will have to compensate by making other photos smaller so don't choose too many. If you do we may contact you with a price adjustment to pay for a thicker album with more pages)
  • Background images are normally chosen by our designer but again you could offer a few suggestions by creating a 'Backgrounds' folder. These must be landscape images.
  • Colour or Black and White? If you would like Black and White please use those photos from your disc when making photo choices. We always default to colour if you do not supply any in Black and White. We will often convert other photos to Black and White to compliment the ones you have chosen to make the design work (the same rules apply for sepia).
  • Which photos go on which pages? Leave that to the designer. She knows best and will always place your photos in the time order they were taken throughout your day (with odd exceptions).
  • 'Fill Photos' are pictures you like but don't mind if they do not make the final album. These are generally small detail shots and close ups. We ofen add some and dont mind a few in a folder called 'Fill Photos'. These can be above your number of photos but we will not add or remove them later if you change your mind.
  • Changing Your Mind! This may prove a real problem. Many hours go into designing an album and if you think you might like to change a number of the photos then we may have to charge for the extra time involved. It would be in the region of £20/hour and you would be required to sit with the designer and work through the changes viah a special video conferencing screen share (eg Skype screen share)
  • Changing the layout! This is acceptable and is usually not chargeable. We allow 1 redisign session free of charge and you may be required to sit with the designer and work through the changes viah a special video conferencing screen share (eg Skype screen share). As you will see the changes being made live as you instruct the designer you eill sign each page off as you go along with a final check at the end. There are no further free edits available and later changes are chargable.
  • Once you have chosen all your photos and put them into folders please drop them onto a new memory stick or cd and get them to us. If you ar ehaving problems please give us a call.
  • If your package has 10 free images plese supply the choice of these photos at this time. Why not order any extra prints from us as well. They will be cheaper than they are on our web site.